Xuong Giang Paper Mill

Xuong Giang Paper is a reputable trademark launched since 2006. Under the vision of becoming one of Vietnam’s the leading paper trade marks. Since then Xuong Giang Paper Mill continuous has been striving to improve management method and quality of human resources.

About Us

Outstanding Features

With the purpose of becoming Vietnam’s the largest manufacturer, we are proud of owning advanced technology and tremendous resources.


With the slogan “Customer’s trust -Xuong Giang’s pride “,  Xuong Giang Paper Mill always strives for deserving its customers trust.


Every day we create the better products with the more reasonable price bringing practical profits to customers.


With a range of paper products, variety of designs and types. We always meet requirements of customers the most effectively!

Management System and Product’s Qualitiy –ISO

Our management system of paper production and trading is certified with ISO 9001-2008 standard

Human Resoures

Comprehending human resources is a key for success of every enterprise. Consequently, our Xuong Giang paper mill always recruits, fosters and  trains the most excellent workforce.


Modern production lines and technology imported from Japan and Europe.


Xuong Giang Paper Mill’s series of typical tissue products

Tissue Mother Rolls

Annual Capacity: 28.000 tons

POSY Paper

Annual Capacity: 1Million box

Photocopy  Mother Rolls

 Annual Capacity: 17.500 tons

Toilet Tissue
Brand name “ POSY”

   Awakes all your senses

Ram Paper

Annual Capacity: 4 Millions RAM

Facial Tissue
Brand name “ POSY”

Gives you the feeling of sensitivities!

XuongGiang Paper’s Partner

“ Every thing we do, we do it for you!” the sincere words  come from the bottom of our heart

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Your enthusiastic sharing is a motivation for us to develop and become stronger day by day

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